Procedurally Generated Inkle Patterns

Colors Used

  1. #202020 (4x)
  2. FireBrick (16x)
  3. Wheat (10x)
  4. LightCyan (3x)

Warping Pattern

Each square represents one thread. The squares with dots go through heddles, the squares without dots do not.


Take a screenshot or save this page (right-click, Save as...) to save your pattern.

Refresh the page to generate a new pattern.

Credits / Nerd Stuff

The inkle patterns are generated from a grammar built with Tracery and the inspiration for these came from Annie MacHale who posts lots of beautifully designed inkle patterns free of charge.

The colors used should *mostly* match the Omega Sinfonia yarn she sells on Etsy, but matching html colors with a photo is not a science, so there might be some variation.

This was made with lots of love on Glitch!

Questions, comments, suggestions, cool pictures of bands you made with this? Email me at or find me on Ravelry!